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For us, the battery is the heart of a vehicle. We ensure all our batteries are going through a serious examination and research during the manufacturing so that you get a battery that best matches the specifications and of best quality for your car. Browse through our products page to get the best battery for your car.

We are offering Century, Yuasa, FGEP, Amaron, Shogun, ASTRA, Solite, Motolite and many other brands - MF and wet battery types. All at your choice for your loved cars/ vehicles.

Client Testimonials

What they say about our services

Dhiva Karan

Selangor | December 2016
Fast service, excellent and honest staff. There was no problem with my battery and they were honest to me about it rather than forcing me to fork out unnecessary money. Definitely the shop to recommend.

Nabilah Yusuf

Kuala Lumpur | November 2016
Cannot deny that it is super easy dealing with Bateriku. When they say that they would come at 6:00 pm, they were already here at 5:50 pm. I was attended by Mr Azmi @pokmie and he did an excellent job. Very efficient. Everything was done in no time. Definitely I will recommend Bateriku to my family and friends for I am one very happy and satisfied customer. No kidding.

Naufal Noori

Kuala Lumpur | December 2016
Service is excellent. The message was responded quickly. My battery 'kong' out. I called service centre and spare part shops to get better price. They quoted between RM220 to RM350 and I have to trade my old battery. offered a brand new Century battery under RM200.00. I agreed on the offer. It is new battery with one year warranty. Warranty card is also provided. Price is inclusive of free delivery and installation on the spot. It is easy and highly recommended for all car drivers out there. is the best Mobile Battery Service around.

Wyndson Lee

Selangor | December 2016
Changed my car battery last week and car cannot start last night. Thought it is battery problem. Called them and they came all the way from Putrajaya to Sri Petaling braving the nite rain. They check the battery and realise it is still in good condition. So it is my car problem. No charge for their service to come and check. They rushed back to Putrajaya. So sorry to waste their time. Top notch service. TQ

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